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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the worth of a video.

Video content is one of the most effective ways for achieving results in online marketing.

It attracts attention and presents your message to the wider public in a creative and engaging way. A paragraph on your website is read by 20% of its visitors, whereas a video attracts even up to 80% of them. Statistically, companies that contain a video on their websites receive up to 41% more traffic from web browsers than those who don’t use videos at all.


Convincing video content types:

Presentation video | A video that presents your company, your story, service, or product.

Promotional video | Video content that attracts attention. Its leading purpose is to inform the public about the authenticity of your business, brand, service, or product.

Animation | Animation is the perfect way to present a complex operating process of your products or services in a simple, but professional manner. Following its creation, it can also be implemented into real footage.

Sales video, Testimonial, Point of Sale video | Videos that fall under this category lead to more successful sales and increase brand awareness using logic and emotions. We can prepare:

  • a video using your customers’ statements to add credibility to your brand,
  • a video speech, to tighten the bond between you and potential new customers, or
  • a Point of Sale video which can be used to clear any doubts before purchase.

TV commercial video | A video commercial is a shorter promotional video, that presents your brand or business most interestingly and convincingly. A commercial should contain all the attributes of a high-quality movie, including different scenes, sound design, and an innovative script, that’s going to catch the eye of new, potential customers.

Educational videos, Tutorials | Educational videos are a great way to teach, encourage and introduce your audience to new knowledge. Videos that fall under this category can be demonstration videos, “Screencast” videos, or explanation videos.

Social media videos | Social media videos are informative, interesting and can target specific audiences. They provide help in tightening the bond between you and your customers and increase brand recognition.

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Video and its benefits

  • Gains attention – more attractive than plain text,
  • Improves ranking in search engines – more website traffic,
  • Spices up the user experience,
  • Increases sales potential,
  • Leaves a good impression,
  • Increases involvement – a video receives 1200% more shares than pictures or text

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