There is always place for a talent...

This is who we are.

Young and perspective. The team of creative enthusiasts, ready to conquer the global market.
And ready to welcome all kind of talents. Are you a verbal machinegun? Maybe a code tailor or marketing mentalist?
Or you simply own the creativity as your mindset? We are looking forward to meeting you!

Be a part of our successful story. Let's succeed together!

We can offer you:
  • An atmosphere full of creativity.Pleasant, dynamic, innovative;
  • Spacious work place and space. To fulfill your ideas and nurture the habits you like. Even the odd ones;
  • A career leader.To climb up as high as your personal and professional development ambitions reach out;
  • A team with contagious motivation.Of coworkers and business partners alike.
    Professionals of creative challenges, digital tricks and strategic communication skills;
  • Environment that respects you.Offers you a full time job. And pays appropriately;
  • Flexible work time.That is dancing to your tune.
  • and last but not least – a smell of fresh made coffee. Extremely good. Day by day.

We conquer the world. The talents are conquering us.

Project manager

Youthful enthusiast, ambitious, well-organized and self-initiative. Verbal machine gun with a great sense of business opportunities. Someone with similar previous working experience in advertising agency, focused on digital.

Sales manager

Strong personality with charisma and business intellect. Excellent negotiator with a passion for networking. Sales management experience is necessary, but marketing knowledge is your advantage.

Full-stack developer

JavaScript, CSS, HTML, GIT, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker, React, Angular, NodeJS, Polymer

A full-stack genius that transforms customers’ needs in the code of progressive web platforms and is keen on following last trends and technologies in website development. We satisfy your thirst for knowledge and value your experiences.

Creative designer

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, CSS, HTML, responsive framework

Designer whose creativity is eminent in a digital and paper work as well. Someone who can manage highly demanding creative challenges as well as DTP tasks and understands print, advertising and friendly online UX design.

DTP designer

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Passion for precise design who brings creative ideas to life. Precise individual who can work on creatives on a daily basis, make the corrections, mutations and press versions. Skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator and understands print, ads and web design.

Creative strategist

Marketing mindset. Digital and classical. A mentalist that understands the needs of customers on one hand, market on the other, as well as designers’ capabilities. Someone who has the knack for a written and spoken word. Perfect speaker and attractive presenter who can easily capture the interest of a customer.

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